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We take great pride in offering quality School Assembly Programs presented by only experienced leading professionals. Our Assembly Programs are available nationwide with programs specially designed for Elementary, Intermediate and High Schools.

Our Assembly Programs are showcased in our proven and effective “edutainment” format, combining an educational and motivational message delivered in a fun and entertaining presentation.

We are dedicated to working directly with Assembly Coordinators to offer the programs and presentations most appropriate for your interests, needs and grade levels.

CO-OP Bookings are available to allow schools of all sizes and locations to host our Assembly Programs in conjunction with other schools in your area at discount pricing based on the number of participating schools. The more schools booking together, the greater the savings for each school. 


School Programs USA Presents The Following Assembly Programs


MINDPOWER Memory - "Improve Your Memory, Improve Your Grades"  (available nationwide)
America’s #1 Student Memory Specialist, Author and Mindpower Expert Robinn specializes in teaching students how to discover and utilize their untapped memory potential.
Let your students unleash their true memory potential.
MINDPOWER Memory is an intriguing showcase of memory techniques and abilities that will allow your students to memorize, remember, retain and recall information with great detail in just minutes with very minimal effort. MINDPOWER Memory allows you students to...

MINDPOWER Success For Students (available nationwide)
MINDPOWER Success is an interactive audience participation program that teaches, motivates and inspires students to see and understand their own potential - to be the best you can be. Student MINDPOWER expert Robinn Lange shows students that success and achievement starts in your mind, determining the choices you make and the actions you take. MINDPOWER Success helps students to become positive, confident and successful in all areas of their lives - in school, sports, music, and at home, now and for the rest of their life.

InternetCellSafety.jpgInternet & Cell Phone Safety For Students (available nationwide)
Everyday millions of students nationwide are using cell phones, computers and the world of online access for everything from their homework and research, to socializing and entertainment. There’s a wealth of information and resources available through these technologies and they can be great tools when used properly, but they also present the possibility for risk, abuse and potential dangers. Internet & Cell Phone Safety For Students provides the truths, information and details students need to know about cell phones, the internet, text messaging, chat rooms and social sites.

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HealthForLife.jpgHealthy For Life - Eat It, Move It, Live It! (available nationwide)
Healthy For Life will get your students excited about good health and nutrition with this fun and interactive student participation program. Healthy For Life delivers the facts and encourages a healthy lifestyle by understanding healthy eating habits, making good choices and staying active. Students learn the truths about food, the importance of physical activity, and how to easily create a healthy lifestyle that will last a lifetime. 

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The Ultimate Challenge Game Show  (available nationwide)
Experience the fun and excitement of a real live television-style Game Show. The Ultimate Challenge Game Show is a multiple round Game Show featuring your students and faculty as contestants competing for titles or prizes.  Can be presented in a scholastic format featuring your curriculum, or may be offered in an entertaining format just as a fun student activity event. 100% audience participation, with several program options available. Features electronic lockout player positions, electronic scoring, complete set, soundtrack and effects, and a professional Host/Master of Ceremonies.

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MG-Logo.jpg  SPUSA08/RLSHS.jpg
MIND GAMES Live!  (available nationwide)
MIND GAMES is an exciting audience participation presentation that will have your audience excited and fascinated with their own mindpower and abilities. Witness amazing memory demonstrations, mental imaging & memory techniques, lightning fast mathematics, understanding & tricking the mind, mind-to-mind communication, thought projection, thought reading, the "Human Lie Detector," predictions are made & then verified & other amazing feats of mindpower. Let your student discover their own mindpower abilities. MIND GAMES will leave your audience with a better understanding of their own mindpower and abilities. MIND GAMES can be hosted as entertainment for school events or as an Assembly featuring a variety of motivational and self-empowerment messages.

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The Robinn Lange Stage Hypnosis Show  (available nationwide)
Witness The  Amazing  Powers & Abilities Of Our Mind! Specializing exclusively in school performances and presentations Hypnotist Robinn Lange, known as "The School Hypnotist", will have your audience laughing hilariously in this amazing, safe and natural showcase of the power of the human mind. Audience volunteers become the true “stars” of the show as they demonstrate the abilities of MINDPOWER. The ever-growing popularity and curiosity of Hypnosis makes this one of the most unique shows available today. It can be hosted as entertainment for school events or as an Assembly featuring a variety of motivational and self-empowerment messages. Great for Middle and High Schools.

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Stop Bullying! - Choose To Be Bully-Free (available nationwide) 
Bullying is a serious problem, rising to one of the greatest concerns of schools today at all levels - elementary, middle and high school. Bullying takes place today on many levels and directly affects our students, faculty, administrators and parents. Trends and technology has allowed bullying to evolve and escalate to greater levels than ever before. The results can be harmful, damaging, and even deadly. Stop Bullying - Choose To Be Bully-Free addresses this growing concern by creating awareness to the seriousness of this problem and offering students the truths, myths and misconceptions of Bullying, letting students know and understand that Bullying does not have to be tolerated. We challenge students to make positive choices regarding Bullying and Bully Prevention, learning that each and every student can do their part in creating a Bully-Free environment.

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RecycleLogoGreen.jpgProject: RECYCLE is dedicated to getting students excited and being well informed about conservation, waste reduction, recycling and maintaining a healthy environment. This unique interactive, audience participation program focuses on empowering and inspiring students to be part of the solution. Students are shown how to be thoughtful of their actions and learn more about what they can do to make a difference. Project: RECYCLE encourages students and their families to make a differnce and help save the planet - one family at a time.

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SUPERSTAR STUDENTS is an engaging Character Building & Leadership Education Program designed to allow students to to become the best they can be while inspiring students to see their own potential. Important pillars such as Respect, Confidence, Honesty, Making Positive Choices and Knowing Right From Wrong are just some of the featured topics in this entertaining presentation. Students learn the importance of Attitude, Self-Esteem and Believing In Yourself to become the best they can be. Students also learn how these pillars are the foundation to Being A Leader in school, at home and throughout their lives. SUPERSTAR STUDENTS will gets students excited and interested in self-improvement and self-empowerment learning how easy it is to practice these healthy attitudes each and everyday. 

SafetySmartLogo.jpgSAFETY SMART is an interactive educational program for kids, tweens, and teens that empowers students with the most current and updated safety techniques, tips and methods for personal safety at home, away from home, at school, or anywhere in public or private. Students are presented with positive messages and safety skills that develop self-esteem and self-confidence, while keeping them aware, alert, and safe. Students learn how to recognize, identify, and react in potentially dangerous situations. Students also learn how to prepare and respond by understanding the effective steps they can take to prevent, identify, control and remove themselves from these potential situations, as well as how to respond to emergency situations. SAFETY SMART offers the awareness, prevention and active skills that every student should know.

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