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Finally A Health, Fitness & Food Program Just For Students

WARNING: This Assembly Could Change & Save Lives!

The Facts Are Astounding:

During the last two decades, the number of overweight youths
has doubled and the number of overweight teens has tripled

1 of every 4 children in the United States is overweight.
This is a problem of epidemic proportions

60% of overweight children have one or more risk factors
for heart disease or diabetes

Healthy For Life will get your students excited about good health and nutrition with this fun and interactive student participation program. Healthy For Life delivers the facts and encourages a healthy lifestyle by understanding healthy eating habits, making good choices and staying active.

Students Will Learn...
Only You Can Control Your Own Body
Only You Can Control What You Eat
Being Healthy Starts By Making The Right Choices
Truly The Most Important Meal Of The Day
“BrainFoods” That Can Improve Your Grades & Performance In School
What Are Calories, Fat & Sugar And How They Affect Your Weight And Health
How To Become A “Food Detective”
Why Balance & Moderation Is So Important
Healthy Choices For Snacking & Treats
The Difference Between “Everyday Foods” & “Every Once In A While Foods”
Why Students Should Be Concerned Even If They Are Average Weight
Let Your Students Take Part In
"The Healthy For Life Student Health Challenge"
Healthy For Life comes complete with Student Handouts and a Teachers Program Guidebook.
Available For Grades K-12
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