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Memories Than Can Last A Lifetime
There are certain moments and key events in our lives that we remember for years to come. These events are anticipated and dreamed about for months or perhaps even years leading up to them. For some these are a right of passage, for others they are the memorable highlights of their school years. These are the events that can and will create memories that last a lifetime. 
Prom and Homecoming have long been two such events. However more recently these events have evolved to include several more "keepsake" events that include Senior Celebrations & Events, Spirit Week Events & Rallies, All-Night Lock-In Events, Post-Prom, and probably the most important, Grad Nights/Project Graduation Events. For many students, these have surpassed the longtime standard events as the main events of their school years. It's no longer required at these events to have a date or to be part of the "in" crowd. These events are celebrations for everyone.
The truth of the matter is that many of these events were created as "safe and sober" celebrations to prevent students from seeking other outside or private means of celebrating in less favorable environments in which inappropriate and often illegal, and in some cases dangerous activities may result or occur.  
These events are becoming staples of today's high school years, and are even beginning to gain popularity of the Middle School/Junior High level. 
Just Having These Type Of Events Is Not Enough, They Have To Be Great & Offer Fantastic Appeal
Today's students live in a faster paced, more sophisticated world. While in the past simply having an event with a band or a DJ would have been enough for a good event, it requires much more to reach, attract, appeal, entertain and hold today's students. The key to these events is the entertainment and attractions you choose.
One of the most common realizations by planning committees is that poor attractions or typical or bad entertainment can ruin the entire event. In many cases it may even prevent your event from initially attracting the students or being attended.PromGirlsTakingPic.jpg
The entertainment you choose will singly determine your event's overall appeal and success. The entertainment and activities you select must attract and keep your students attention or they'll easily become bored and choose to leave or possibly participate in other forms of celebrating.
National surveys of recent Grad Nights and Post-Proms found that the three most popular reasons and attractions that determined appeal, attendance, and overall success for attending students were a Comedy Hypnosis Show, Prize Drawings & Giveaways and Physical Activities such as Inflatables, Climbing Walls, etc. 
School Programs USA has been a leader in these late night, supervised celebrations since their conception, working directly with M.A.D.D. (Mother's Against Drunk Driving) who originally founded the "safe and sober" celebrations. School Programs USA even provides the entertainment at M.A.D.D.'s Leadership events. Simply put, we truly understand these events and what it takes to create successful celebrations for these most memorable school events.
Our goal is to assist you in providing great safe and sober celebrations that your students will remember for years to come. Successful events that will be well attended, safe, fun and substance-free, and that will create memories that will last a lifetime. We offer you the knowledge and insight we have gained from being there from the beginning. We also offer planning and event resources (visit our Products & Resources page) that can assist you in creating the best celebration possible.
School Programs USA offers the following special entertainment for these exciting events:  

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