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Multi-Booking Discount
Our Multi-Booking Discount is available to all schools that book two or more of our programs or entertainment performances during the same school year. We proudly offer a discount of $100.00 off of the standard program price of any Assembly, Parent Education, Fundraiser, or Entertainement program. Programs can be mixed and matched however you prefer.
Routing & Touring Pricing
Save money on our programs by taking advantage of our special Routing & Tour pricing. Simply book your event date(s) when our tour is in your area and enjoy our discounted pricing. Schools who book their dates when our programs are routed in your area can typically save $100.00 - $150.00 per booking. Simply let us know of your interest in any of our programs and we will contact you to offer your school priority booking opportunities at this special discounted pricing and your choice of available dates.
Want to save even more money while allowing yourself to decide the price you pay?.... 
Save Up To $500.00 On Your Next Booking Of Our Programs
In our ongoing efforts to allow schools of all sizes and locations the opportunity to host our professional Assembly, Fundraising and Entertainment Programs at the absolute lowest possible pricing, we are pleased to offer our CO-OP Booking Program.
Our CO-OP (cooperative) Booking Program is designed for schools and school groups seeking to host our top-rated programs at the best possible prices, making it possible for even the smallest schools or those with limited budgets or resources to enjoy our programs. This program also allows for fantastic profitability for Fundraising events.
What Is CO-OP Booking And How Does It Work?
CO-OP Booking, or cooperative booking, is a method that is quite popular on the college and professional level of arts, entertainment and special events programming. CO-OP Booking lets your school benefit from working with and booking your School Programs USA program in conjunction with other schools in your area at or near the same time. This allows our program to reduce it's price to all schools involved in the "block" of bookings, while possibly reducing or eliminating any additional expenses or costs related to booking a single date. This is a very common practice in special event booking, also referred to as "routing".
In some cases it may be a school, class or group project, while in others it's more networking between Advisor's, Activity Directors, Committee Leaders, or Assembly Coordinators. By simply contacting other schools like yours within a several hour radius and letting them know of the program you are hosting, you can offer them access to hosting our program at their school at reduced cooperative pricing.Teachers2.jpg Their booking may be earlier or later on the day of your event or within a day or two while our program is in your area. This may be done with one, two, three, four or more schools of any level. The more schools involved in the booking block, the greater savings to each school. This also works very well by contacting your school district and other area school districts extending the opportunity to all district schools to take part and benefit from this unique booking program. As in several previous booking blocks our program can remain in one specific are for several weeks allowing district schools to save thousands of dollars for their cooperative booking efforts. To assist you in your CO-OP efforts and to make it as easy as possible, we can even provide you with CO-OP templates and resources for letters, e-mails, faxes and even contacting other school and districts by phone.
Do The Events Have To Be The Same?
No. You may choose to have one of our programs for an Assembly during the morning, while another school may wish to have a program in the evening for a Fundraiser. If schools are close enough and are both interested in an Assembly the same day, one can be done in the morning and the other in the afternoon if distance permits. If not perhaps the previous or following day. It is quite common for us to have a three, four or even five school block of bookings, each wanting the program for a different event. School #1 may want us for a Friday Morning Assembly, while school #2 may want us for a Post-Prom late night Saturday. School #3 desires an evening Fundraiser on Thursday, and school #4 is seeking a performance at their Senior Celebration Banquet on Friday. School #5 wants one of our entertainment performances for their Elementary School Family Night on Wednesday. Many different and unique combination possibilities are available. The key is to contact other area schools and offering them the opportunity to join in by booking in conjunction with your event. You make the same opportunities available to them, while explaining the financial benefits and rewards. Remember, any other schools that they contact to join in on the booking block will also result in even greater additional savings for you too.
StudentPhone.jpgDo All Of The Schools And Events Need To Be Determined Before Our Initial Booking?
No. It is possible to book your date and event at the standard rate, then if you have other schools join in on a cooperative booking we will simply adjust your balance due to the reduced CO-OP price. However, to assure the best availabilities for all schools it is best to try to have at least one other school committed at the time of your booking, and to at least inform us that you intend to CO-OP with other schools at the time of your booking, so we are aware of your intentions and can check and hold availabilities if necessary.
What Type Of Savings And Benefits Are Available?
The actual amount of savings varies depending on which program you are booking and the length of performance desired. Savings of $100.00 is standard per additional school involved. Additional benefits can be enjoyed in sharing any expenses incurred with hosting a program or performance. This can be anything from travel, lodging, meals, sound system, printing, etc. It may also allow you the opportunity to host a longer presentation or even eliminate expenses completely. The typical overall savings on a standard block of bookings has recently been $300.00 - $400.00 per school. Simply put, the greater your efforts the greater your savings.
For More Information, Routing Itineraries And CO-OP Resources And Materials, Contact Your School Programs USA Booking Representative Today!

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