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School Programs USA Presents Academic Enrichment Through Our Back-To-School Transition And Orientation Programs
Welcome & Prepare Students And Parents For The Upcoming School Year

Orientation and Back To School can be a very exciting, yet intimidating time for students and parents, especially for those transitioning to a new school level. A variety of emotions including anxiety, nervousness and fear are quite common and can be overwhelming.

School Programs USA’s Orientation and Back-To-School Programs are designed to make this important time as positive and comforting as possible by helping students and parents ...

Transitioning To A New School

Transitioning To A New Grade Level

Getting Students Back In The Academic Mindset

Encouraging Students To Succeed In The Upcoming School Year

To Become Involved In School Through Leadership Programs & Opportunities That The New School Year Brings

Encouraging Parents To Be Involved By Identifying Their Role In Their Student’s Success

These programs are designed to set students at ease, while encouraging them to have school pride, get involved, become leaders, and strive to succeed - to be the best they can be - to welcome, enjoy, and to look forward to the upcoming new experience.

New Opportunities - New Challenges - New Friends - New Acceptance

Let your students get excited about the new school year and new experiences by beginning the year with greater confidence in their ability to grow and create a network of positive peer relationships.

Students learn to see school and the new year as an opportunity - new challenges, and new acceptance.

Inspirational & Motivational
Each program includes motivational tips for helping your student focus on personal effort and achievement, and to offer them the best opportunity to enjoy the experience while planning for success.

Parent Tips are also featured as part of each program reinforcing the priority that success starts at home and the importance of parental support and involvement.

School Programs USA Is Proud To Offer The Following Orientation And Back-To-School Programs (Click On The Program Name For Details)

Back To School Success For Students - A New Year, New Opportunities

You Have Made It! - Stepping Up To Middle School

OMG! (Oh My Gosh!) I Am In High School Now - Helping Your Freshman Prepare for High School

All Programs Are Available As Student & Parent Presentations Or As Student Assemblies. These Programs Are Also Available As Part Of Our Parent Education Programs Series



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