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“An excellent motivational, self-empowerment, and self-esteem building presentation”
R. Caldwell  Stevenson High School - Student Council

Jobs, Careers, Choices, and Decisions...

   Who am I?     Who will I become?     What do I want to do for my career?
How do I go about doing it?    Will I be successful?
Wouldn’t you just like to look into a crystal ball and find these answers - to see who and what you will become?
Now you can with MINDPOWER Success For Students - You Can Predict Your Future

MINDPOWER Success For Students - You Can Predict Your Future is a student motivational and inspirational presentation created for middle, high school and college audiences that allows students to take a serious look at who they are and who they want to become - personally and professionally.

Your job or career is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. It affects who you are, who you will become, and the things you want out of life, while determining the what kind of lifestyle you can achieve.

To many students, as well as adults, this is a major decision. There are many factors and details that are involved and that must go into making these choices. How do I attain my goals? What skills, education and requirements are necessary?  How do I go about determining my career choice?

Many students wish they could simply have a crystal ball to look into their future to see what they will be doing and who they will become.  

Student Motivational Speaker and Teen Success Robinn Lange is a Mindpower specialist who shows students that they don’t need a crystal ball to see their future -

“Why try to predict you future when you can take control  and CREATE your future!”
Your Audience Will Be Inspired, Empowered & Motivated To:

- Create A Personal Self-Profile           
- Discover The Importance of MINDPOWER
- Take The Career Quiz
- What Are Your Dreams And Aspirations   
- Identify Personal Goals & Desires
- The Difference Between A Job & A Career
- What Does Success Mean To You?
- The Success Test - Do You Have What It Take To Be Successful
- Learn The Keys To Self-Success
- Create A Career Planner
MINDPOWER is an acronym, and is the basis for this excellent presentation that combines comedy, entertainment and mental demonstrations of what is possible and obtainable within the power of our minds. Robinn shows your students how to take control and utilize knowledge and MINDPOWER to effectively achieve the ability to create their own future!

Each and every student in your audience will be challenged to take a close, personal look at themselves with the tools necessary to determine their interest, desires, career possibilities and opportunities to bring success into their lives and to turn their dreams and desires into reality.

This highly-sponsorable presentation is available nationwide



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Career Day Presentation