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Helping To Make The World A Better Place One Student At A Time


Project: RECYCLE is dedicated to getting students excited and being RecBin.jpgwell informed about conservation, waste reduction, recycling and maintaining a healthy environment. This unique interactive, audience participation program focuses on empowering and inspiring students to be part of the solution. Students are shown how to be thoughtful of their actions and learn more about what they can do to make a difference.

Project: RECYCLE encourages students and their families to make a difference and help save the planet - one family at a time.

Students Will  Learn...

How Students & Their Families Can Do Their Part In Making The World A Better, Healthier Place

What They Can Do To Make A Difference

The Four “R’s” Of Being Eco-Smart - REUSE, REDUCE, RECYCLE & RESPECTRes-Hall-recycle-logo.jpg

Everyday Methods To Save The Environment

How Small Changes In Habits Can Lead To A Big Change For Our Planet

Developing The Right Environmentally-Friendly Habits

What Really Is Recycling?

The Positive Affects Of Recycling

Understanding The Affects That Not Recycling Has On The Earth And Future Generations

The Cycle Of Recycling

Learn About Nature’s Recyclers

The Truth About Conservation Programs EnergyConservation.jpg

Why It’s Better To Conserve Our Valuable Natural Resources By Reducing Consumption And Reusing Products

Creative And Fun Ways To Reuse Products To Reduce Waste

Understanding Of The Impact That Students Have On Their Local Environment And Their Future

How To Start A School Or Home Recycling Program

How To Make Your Family A “Green Team Family”

How Students Can Start TODAY And Feel Great About Doing It

And Much More
Project: RECYCLE students are encouraged to find three things they can do to be better Project: Recycle Ambassadors of the environment.

Plus...The entire audience will play “The 4 R Game”!

Ideal for Earth Day, Science Week, or to kick off a school wide recycling initiative




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Recycling Assembly