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FACT: The Better Your Memory, The Better Your Grades

FACT: What You Don't Remember You May As Well Not Have Learned

Memory Is The Basis For All Learning


Let Your Students Unleash Their True Memory Potential
MINDPOWER Memory - "Improve Your Memory, Improve Your Grades" is the perfect school assembly! Simply put, memory is the basis for all learning and MINDPOWER Memory shows your students how to apply their own memory-power to achieve amazing results.
MINDPOWER Memory Allows Your Students To
   Improve Learning Abilities
   Improve Study Habits
   Retain More Of Their Studies
   Retain More In Less Time
   Enjoy Greater Comprehension
   Experience Quicker, Easier Recall
   Improve Overall Grades

bookheadkid25.jpgMINDPOWER Memory - "Improve Your Memory, Improve Your Grades" is an intriguing showcase of memory techniques and abilities that will allow your students to memorize, remember, retain and recall information with great detail in just minutes with very minimal effort. 

Robinn presents fantastic memory demonstrations of the seemingly impossible. After witnessing these feats Robinn then shares his secrets with everyone in attendance with great insight and details. Your students will be amazed that they can apply Robinn's methods and witness results in just a matter of minutes from learning them.  MINDPOWER Memory offers your students and faculty a variety of benefits and useful applications that can be utilized both personally and academically.

An Event Your Students Will Always Remember!
Let America’s #1 Student Memory Expert and Mindpower Success Coach Robinn Lange show your students and faculty how to maximize their memory abilities and true potential to improve their overall academic performance.OlderKidsClappingAssemb.jpg

Your students will be amazed and impressed as they are able to apply Robinn’s memory secrets immediately to achieve amazing results. Your students will be able to remember, recall and recite details and information that they thought to be impossible just minutes earlier.

MINDPOWER Memory Offers Your Students And Faculty A Variety Of Benefits And Useful Applications That Can Be Utilized Both Personally And Academically

Exciting, Fun  & Innovative!
ElemKidsAssembly.jpgMINDPOWER Memory is presented as “edutainment.”  Your students will have fun as they learn how to remember andElemKidsAssembly.jpg recall information quickly and easily.

Teachers will enjoy how MINDPOWER Memory showcases the memory process and techniques that can be directly applied to all subjects and classes.
Let Your Students Take

Elem.GirlAtMic.jpgYour students will be truly amazed at their actual MINDPOWER Memory ability. The Memory Test is a test to showcase your students progress, ability and true memory potential.  Watch as your students memory, retention and recall are greatly improved almost immediately by applying the ideas and concepts of this exciting presentation. This is a test your students will enjoy taking and requires no studying or advance preparation.

Your students will be able to learn a memory feat that they thought to be impossible just minutes earlier!

Robinn Lange’s MINDPOWER Memory Program Also Includes

Complete Presentation Description and Outline
Robinn Lange Bio
Student Handout For Use During The Program
Performance Requirements & Technical Information
Sponsorship Information


A Teachers Program Guide

Pre-Program Exercises And Activities
Discussion Topics
Sample Questions To Ask During Q & A At The End Of The Program
Follow-Up Activities
Workshop Materials & Resources

Special Discount Offer
Robinn Lange’s MINDPOWER Memory Programs and Workshops also includes Special School Discounted Pricing on Robinn Lange’s book MINDPOWER Memory For Students.
This Is The Assembly You And Your Students Will Be Talking About And Can Directly Benefit From Long After The Program Is Over
The power and abilities of our own mind is the foundation of all of Robinn’s MINDPOWER presentations. MINDPOWER Memory has been specifically created for schools and student/faculty audiences.
Memory is knowledge, and knowledge leads to success
MINDPOWER Memory Could Very Well Be The Most Productive And Beneficial Assembly You Present All Year!
The Assembly Your Students Will Never FORGET!

Dates Now Available
MINDPOWER Memory - "Improve Your Memory, Improve Your Grades" is available as part of a national tour allowing each hosting school to take advantage of special pricing and routing.   

Individual booking requests are also accepted, as we highly recommend booking MINDPOWER Memory in conjunction with other schools in your area, district or region.

Education Is A Gift And A Well-Trained Memory Makes That Gift Last A of Lifetime!

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