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The Assembly Every Family Should Attend
Everyday millions of students nationwide are using cellphones, computers and the world of online access for everything from their homework and research, to socializing and entertainment. There’s a wealth of information and resources available through these technologies and they can be great tools when used properly, but they also present the possibility for risk, abuse and potential dangers.

INTERNET & CELL PHONE SAFETY For Families includes the information students and parents need to know about cell phones, the internet, text messaging, chat rooms and social sites.

Families Will Learn...

Having A Cell Phone, Computer And Online Access Is A Privilege & Responsibility That Must Be Respected
Proper “Netiquette”
When Is Texting Dangerous & Illegal
Cyberbullying - What You Can Do
Being Connected For Family Safety
What is ICE & How It Can Save Lives
Your Conversations & Communications Are Not Private
Know Who You Are Talking To & Communicating With
The Truths About Online Profiles
Protect Yourself And Your Identity
Passwords and Personal Protection
How To Stay In Control Of Your Online Image & Reputation
What You Should Know About Facebook, Myspace, YouTube & Other Social Sites
The Possible Consequences Of Sharing Too Much Information
Media Sharing-Photos & Videos
What Is Spamming And Why It’s Illegal
Using The Internet For Homework & Research - False & Incorrect Info
Bookmarks & Favorite Places
How Online Choices Can Have Offline Consequences
An Excellent Program For Internet Safety Week!
Available For All Grades
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