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Robinn Lange is a world-class headlining performer who has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, MTV and ABC-TV’s All My Children, and was a fixture on radio for twenty years. Robinn has worked with such performers as Tom Jones, Willie Nelson, George Burns, Tony Danza, John Stamos, Loretta Lynn, Kenny Rogers, The Monkees, and The Beach Boys. Robinn Lange is the author of several books on Mindpower, Memory and Hypnosis, and a complete series of self-improvement CDs.



HYPNOFUN! Live - The Robinn Lange Comedy Hypnosis ShowFundraising/HypShowPix.jpg
The Robinn Lange Stage Hypnosis Show truly combines all of the key elements of a successful live performance - Audience Participation, Comedy and Laughter, Spontaneous Surprises, Mass-Appeal To All Ages, and A Non-Offensive Adaptable Format, While Being A True Crowd Pleaser.

Your audience will be laughing continuously while being truly amazed throughout the entire show!

Join Master Hypnotist Robinn Lange as he leads you through an on-stage journey showcasing the incredible power of the human mind. Starring audience volunteers, you'll become witness to their captivating transformation into a highly suggestible state of mind and body. They will instantly become the "stars of the show" with their desire to demonstrate their abilities through the power of Hypnosis. Each performance is fresh and spontaneous, as no two performances are ever the same.


The MIND GAMES Mentalist Show is an exciting audience participation show that will have your audience spellbound.Fundraising/MentPix.jpg

Robinn Lange knows what your thinking!

Robinn is recognized as one of the world's most skilled Mentalists, Psychic Entertainers and comedy performers.

As a master of the powers of the mind, Robinn utilizes his specialized knowledge of psychology, hypnosis, subconscious influence, nonverbal communications, mental imaging, intuition and extensive knowledge of human behavior to perform a showcase of the seemingly impossible.

Experience amazing demonstrations of true mind reading, thought projection, ESP (extra sensory perception), mental telepathy, rapid mathematics, advanced memory techniques, and more.

Your audience will be captivated as they witness extraordinary mental feats as Robinn:Fundraising/studentslisteningtocoauthor1.jpgFundraising/studentslisteningtocoauthor1.jpg

    Reads Thoughts
    Reveals Unspoken Thoughts
    Makes Predictions That Are Then Verified
    Reveals Personal Information Of The Audience
    Demonstrates The Human Lie Detector Test
    Showcases Amazing Feats Of Memory
    Teaches Your Audience Mental Imaging & Memory Improvement
    and much more

A fun, unique and rare audience participation comedy performance journeying into the natural powers of our minds. You’ve got to experience this amazing performance to believe it!


MINDPOWER Live!Fundraising/StageShotAudience1.jpg
After many special requests Robinn has designed this special performance, created by popular demand, that combines highlights of both Robinn Lange’s HYPNOFUN Live and The MIND GAMES Mentalist Show, offering the best of both worlds!

MINDPOWER Live! is the ultimate entertainment showcase of the amazing abilities of the magic of our minds.

Audiences will enjoy astonishing feats of mind reading, hypnosis, memory, and more pushing entertainment to the limits of reality.  A captivating performance that combines the realm of possibility with the absolutely impossible. 

Fundraising/MsAm.jpgFundraising/Karate21.jpgAudience members will also be astonished at their own mentalFundraising/Karate21.jpg abilities as they perform feats they never thought possible.

Witness a great performance that will challenge your beliefs and abilities and will have your audience talking long after the performance is over. No tricks, illusions, mirrors, special effects or camera-tricks - just the amazing powers and abilities of the mind of Robinn Lange.


The Ultimate Challenge Game Show


The Ultimate Challenge Game Show brings all of the fun and excitement of a live televisionKidsGame.jpg game show to your next Fundraiser. Your students, faculty and family members become the true stars of the show as the contestants. Featuring a complete game show set, lockout buzzer system, electronic scoring, category game wheel, complete sound system with theme music, sound effects and audio drops, and a professional MC/Host. Contestants compete in multiple rounds of trivia and physical challenges for points, prizes or titles.
Teachers.jpgFaculty, family members and special guests can also participate in the fun as assistants and teammates in Physical Challenge rounds. Prizes may be awarded for contestants, winners and yes, even "lovely parting gifts"!
Adaptable formats for student or family play. Many customizable options allow this Fundraiser to be customized to specific needs and school requirements. Individual or team play available. Many sources to generate fantastic profits from a very fun event. 

MINDPOWER Magic!MPMagicShowLogoHiResFUll.jpg
MINDPOWER Magic is an exciting and amazing all age performance starring national touring performer and Mindpower Expert Robinn Lange.

Witness amazing mind games and demonstrations of memory, rapid mathematics, mindreading and other feats of MINDPOWER Magic! This audience participation performance also uses the mindpower of students and families in the audience to join in on fun and amazing demonstrations of their own mind-abilities. Magic of the mind, MINDPOWER Magic! is perfect for elementary schools and family events of all ages.

Extreme Fun & Games
Let the games begin with our individual and team challenges! If you like t.v.'s Minute To Win It, you'll love our Extreme Fun & Games. Fun, interactive student or family games include individual and team games as contestants compete and challenge each other in a variety of wild and 3-footer.jpgcrazy games, stunts and physical challenges. Games can range from mild to wild, featuring good, clean competitive fun done in the spirit of fun and audience participation. Students and/or families can compete for prizes, titles or just for fun. Games and challenges feature rounds of mental as well as physical game play to offer fun for everyone.
Fun to participate in or just watch as a spectator cheering and lending support their favorite contestant or team, Extreme Fun & Games delivers all of the fun and excitement of a game show combined with the spirit of competition, resulting in pure high energy family fun.

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